Patient Portal FAQ

Patient Portal FAQ

What You Need to Know about the Lowell CHC Patient Portal

The patient portal is a convenient way to access your medical information and communicate with your care team securely, 24/7. You can use the portal to:

  • View lab results.
  • View immunization records.
  • Send and receive messages securely (response time varies depending on your request).
  • View your medications & request refills.
  • View recent doctor visits.
  • View discharge summaries.
  • Request appointments (Patient Access will contact you to confirm).
  • Request and view referrals.
  • Review your provider’s notes.
  • Update your personal information.

How to Access Your Health Information

Already enrolled? Click below or in the upper right corner of the Health Center’s website.

Login to Patient Portal 

You can also access it on your mobile device with the Healow app. Read more. English | Español

Need a login? Follow the instructions below to enroll.

Note: For optimal user experience, please access the Patient Portal in Google Chrome. 

How to Enroll in the Patient Portal

If you are not already using the portal, it’s easy to get started. You can submit a request to sign-up through our online contact form (select the Patient Portal option) or by speaking with your provider during your next visit. You can also call the Health Center at 978.937.9700.


Frequently Asked Questions

What languages does the patient portal support?

Patients can access the portal in English and Spanish. However, if you are familiar with using browser translation services (like Google translate) on other sites, you can use them in the portal as well.

Can I link someone else’s email address to my portal account?

Yes, if you would like another individual (like an adult child or other family member) to have access to your portal, you can authorize a proxy account. Please contact the Patient Access Center via our online contact form or by calling 978.937.9700 to complete the necessary paperwork. If you would like to link your account with another patient, you can do that directly through the Healow app (for example, if a parent would like to link to their child’s account).

What should I do if I cannot access my patient portal account, or need to reset my password?

If you forgot your password or username, click “Can’t access your account?” on the login screen and follow the instructions. You can also visit our online contact form, choose “Patient Portal Inquiry” from the list of options and submit your request for assistance. If you try those and are still having trouble, call Patient Access at 978.937.9700.

Can I send a message to my provider? How long does it take to get a response?

Yes, you can send a message to your doctor, and other members of your care team, through the Patient Portal. The time it takes to receive a response will vary depending on the request. You will receive an email when a response has been received.

Can my provider send letters to my portal instead of my email?

Yes, you can request that letters be sent to your portal. Please ask your provider, contact us via our online contact form, or call Patient Access at 978.937.9700. Again, response times can vary depending on the request. Please allow up to 14 business days for letter and form requests.

How do I print out records from my portal?

In records where a print option is available, a “print” icon will display in the upper right corner of the screen.

Can I upload records to my portal for my provider to see?

No, medical records need to be emailed to

Can I view my test results on the portal?

Yes, for most tests ordered by a provider at Lowell CHC, the result is automatically posted on the portal. Results for STI, HIV, and drug screens are not posted.


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