Behavioral Health Services

Comprehensive behavioral health services are available for people of all ages. Our wide-range of services are designed to provide care and promote wellness for those who are concerned about mental health issues and/or addiction.

Behavioral Health Services supports cultural diversity and clinical excellence. With a team of bicultural, bilingual experienced clinicians, treatment is provided for children, adolescents and adults through individual, group, couple, and family therapy sessions. The diverse backgrounds, orientation and specialties of clinicians enable the Health Center to provide an individualized approach to the problems that confront clients.

Experienced mental health professionals and certified addiction counselors work with each individual to identify needs and develop long-term goals. Psychopharmacology (mental health drug therapy) services is an additional service that is offered to clients.

Support Groups
Behavioral Health Services offers support groups for clients including topics on anger management and relapse prevention. Call for more information.

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