Patient Walk-In Center

The Patient Walk-In Center, is located on the first floor of 161 Jackson Street, is for sicknesses and minor injuries that need attention before the next available appointment with your doctor. Call your doctor first at 978-937-9700. 

The Patient Walk-In Center is not open on Saturday or Sunday. However, we are open for Virtual Health visits on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. After hours and on Sundays, there is a doctor on call at 978-937-9700. 

Walk-in is usually much faster and more convenient than a trip to the hospital emergency room. 

Services offered in our Patient Walk-In Center include:

  • Walk-in sick visits
    • Procedures including:
      • Suture removal
      • Help for sprains or minor bone fractures
      • On the spot testing for: pregnancy, urine infection, vaginal infection, sore throat, and flu

If you have a health emergency that threatens your life or a part of your body, go to the hospital emergency room. Some examples are:

  • A pregnant woman in active labor
  • A bone fracture with the bone exposed
  • A seizure
  • An overdose
  • Crushing chest pain associated with sweating and trouble breathing
  • Poisoning
  • Signs of stroke such as slurred speech, loss of vision

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