Teen BLOCK Youth Programs

Due to the current pandemic, on-site programs have been suspended. We will update this site as information becomes available.

Lowell Community Health Center’s Teen Building Leadership Opportunities in the Community (BLOCK) supports the healthy development of young people and empowers them to become leaders in the community. Programs include:

ADAM Project

ADAM Project (Awareness and Development of Adolescent Minds) is a leadership, life and work skills development program for in-school youth. The program helps youth meet personal milestones including graduating from high school, as well as preparing for college and careers.


AfroFusion celebrates cultures of the African Diaspora through artistic expression and cultural enrichment activities. This program examines culture, identity and values through interactive activities, discussions, arts, music and film. The goal of AfroFusion is to create an appreciation of cultural diversity in young people and to empower them to make informed decisions in dealing with self-identity and culture shock.

Environmental Strategies Working Group (ESWG)

The Substance Use and Prevention Taskforce works to reduce and prevent substance abuse within the City of Lowell and other surrounding communities. The goal of ESWG is to inform and educate youth, parents and adults about how substance abuse is affecting our neighborhoods; to create policy change; and to reduce the substance abuse in our community.

Health & Wellness

This series aims to expand teens’ knowledge and awareness of nutrition, physical fitness and stress management. The Health & Wellness program offers a safe and fun space for teens to identify their health needs and work toward their goals relating to nutrition, physical fitness and stress management.

Journey to Healing (JTH) Project for Cambodian Youth

This series offers workshops for Southeast Asian youth whose family may have experienced trauma during the Khmer Rouge Genocide. Workshops include: Cambodian history and culture, healthy coping skills for dealing with trauma, family strengthening, building healthier relationships between youth and parents/grandparents, and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). The Journey to Healing Project also offers an arts component where youth express themselves through art, design and dance.

Youth Reaching Out

The Youth Reaching Out (YRO) consists of youth serving agencies within the city of Lowell. The group is focused on engaging youth and encouraging them to better their community. Youth Reaching Out’s main focus is violence prevention through strategic activities and meaningful dialogue. There is power in our voices, and Youth Reaching Out enables young people to raise theirs.         

Teen BLOCK Peer Ambassadors

Teen BLOCK Peer Ambassadors increase health education knowledge, decrease risk behaviors and create a positive network of peer support in Lowell, MA. They serve as the spokespeople for their fellow Teen BLOCK participants and seek opportunities to serve as mentors to preteens.

Teen BLOCK also offers retention activities, support groups and academic/college preparations. Participants have the opportunity to express themselves through art, poetry and hip-hop dance classes, as well as participate in recreational sports.

A.D.A.M. Dance Crew – Hip Hop Dance

A.D.A.M. (Awareness and Development of Adolescent Minds) was created in 1995 by a group of young people who were part of an afterschool program focused on violence prevention in the City of Lowell. The group wanted to stop violence in their community and they did this through dance. They were one of the first groups to participate in the Annual Dance 4 Peace event hosted by Lowell Community Health Center Teen BLOCK. Today, the A.D.A.M. Dance Crew continues to grow their presence in the community and is known for their story-telling through dance. Members of the A.D.A.M. Dance Crew are all members of the Lowell Community Health Center’s Teen BLOCK. The group is led by Choreographer Tim Sokhoeun who is an established hip-hop performer and actor.

Healthy Teens, Healthy Relationships

Making Proud Choices is a science-based curriculum which provides sexual health education. Participants work in small groups with staff to discuss values, human growth and development, relationships, dealing with family stress and issues related to the social and emotional transitions from adolescence to adulthood. Participants develop skills in communication and decision making through interactive activities, games, and discussions. By creating a safe place for sharing, teens are able to share personal experiences in a confidential setting.

Teen Talk

Teen Talk is aweekly support group for teens to discuss various topics that affect their lives. The group is made up of peers and run by a Lowell CHC Teen BLOCK Counselors.