Become A Patient

There are a wide-range of medical experts to choose from at Lowell Community Health Center. Many of our providers are fluent in several languages. If you wish, you may choose a primary care provider who speaks your language. We also offer interpreter services at no additional cost. If you have a specific medical condition or concern, you may choose your primary care provider based on that specialty. The Health Center has providers with special interests in diabetes, HIV, mental health, asthma, and women’s health, to name a few.

Call us to schedule an appointment: During the COVID crisis, we experiencing heavy call volume. Please consider choosing the Call Back option by following the prompts. You will not lose your place in line. Please do not come to the health center without calling first.

Adult Medicine, Family Medicine, OB/GYN, CARIÑO HIV Services, Pediatric Medicine — 978-937-9700

Family Planning — 978-446-0236

Metta Health Center — 978-441-1700

School Based Health Center: Lowell High School — 978-458-6642

School Based Health Center: Stoklosa Middle School — 978-970-3346

TTY 978-221-6700 (text telephone for the deaf and hearing impaired)