Helping Patients Breathe Easier

Carla CHW
“When you visit someone’s home, you never know what you’re going to find,” says Carla Caraballo, one of Lowell CHC’s Lead Community Health Workers (CHWs). “Maybe they need food, or help taking their medicine. Maybe they just need someone to listen.”

At Lowell Community Health Center, one of the biggest obstacles our patients face is just getting here. Between lack of transportation, cultural barriers, work schedules, and other constraints, just making it to the exam room can be a challenge.

Plus, there’s a lot you can’t see in a 20-minute appointment. That’s because so much of what contributes to health happens outside of the exam room. 

Enter Lowell CHC’s Community Health Workers, like Carla. 

“When I visit someone’s home, I can see what’s really going on. I know the questions to ask. What medicines are you taking? What kinds of foods are you eating? Do you have warm clothing for your children? And I can do something about it immediately.”

This support is crucial for so many patients. For people with asthma, it can be life-saving. That’s because reducing asthma triggers in the home and providing a consistent treatment plan play such a huge role in keeping patients out of the hospital.

For the past decade, Lowell CHC has partnered with HUD, UMass Lowell, and the MA......

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