Yoeun and San

Yoeun smiles

Yoeun and his wife San, both in their early 60s, found Lowell Community Health Center after Yoeun felt light-headed and lost consciousness while at work. Yoeun was rushed to the local emergency room where he was diagnosed with dangerously high blood sugar levels, and a severe case of diabetes. Yoeun was so sick he wasn’t able to return to his job as a contractor. He was constantly becoming dizzy, and feeling faint. Yoeun knew he needed regular medical attention to monitor his condition, but without health insurance, he didn’t know where to turn for help. To make their situation even more difficult, neither spouse spoke enough English to see a doctor who didn’t offer interpreting services.

A friend told the couple to visit the Health Center, and ask about health insurance and Khmer-speaking doctors. That friend gave good advice. Yoeun met with a doctor at the Health Center who spoke Khmer, and was able to explain the medical tests results, health issues, and medications to Yoeun and his wife in their first language. Yoeun discovered he also had kidney damage as a result of the diabetes, and he would need to start dialysis. The couple worried about the cost of care, but knew that treatment was necessary to keep Yoeun well.

At the Health Center, health benefits advisor put them at ease by helping them apply for insurance coverage while Yoeun was unemployed. The health benefits advisor also helped them understand the bills for care management and diabetes supplies. San provides care for Yoeun, brings him to his appointments at the Health Center and with specialists, helps him monitor his health and take his medications. She feels very secure knowing that there is someone who can interpret for her, and her husband, in their language.

Yoeun and San are very grateful for the care they receive at the Health Center. More than just a doctors visit, Yoeun and San feel that staff have taken the time to help them with every one of their needs – complex medication plans, health insurance changes, dialysis appointments, and language barriers. The couple has been able to put their minds at rest while they manage Yoeun’s health because of the compassionate care they receive at Lowell Community Health Center. 


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