To Call Us

Main Number: 978.937.9700

TTY: 978.221.6700 (text telephone for the deaf and hearing impaired)

Calls made after hours will be directed to our answering service.

To download and complete some of our most common patient forms, click here.

To Write Us

(Please include the department name you wish to contact)

Lowell Community Health Center
161 Jackson Street
Lowell, MA 01852

Helpful Telephone Numbers:

Community Health Education Center: 978.452.0003

Metta Health Center: 978.441.1700

Pharmacy: 978.805.1004 (Lowell CHC-CVS Pharmacy)

School Based Health Centers

Lowell High School: 978.458.6642 (We will call you back for a telepohone appointment during school hours.)

Stoklosa Middle School: 978.605.0627 (We will call you back for a telephone appointment during school hours.)

Teen BLOCK Youth Programs: email