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50 for 50 Campaign

Lowell Community Health Center was founded in 1970 to make sure that everyone in Greater Lowell has access to quality, compassionate, and culturally responsive health care, regardless of ability to pay. 

Help us continue our commitment to health care access and equity with a gift to our Interpreter Services fund.

Not too long ago (although it seems like a lifetime!), we had planned to mark Lowell Community Health Center’s 50th Anniversary with a big Community Celebration. We’re sorry that we can’t celebrate with you in person. But, we hope you’ll help mark the Health Center’s milestone anniversary by donating to our $50 for 50 Campaign, which will benefit Lowell CHC’s crucial Medical Interpretation Services.  

Interpretation is a cornerstone of our commitment to health care access and equity. But medical insurance doesn’t pay for it it. So we do. Frankly, we can’t imagine the staggering cost of NOT offering medical interpretation, especially during this crisis.

Help us reach our overall goal to raise $50,000 for Medical Interpretation by October 30th. By supporting the power of understanding, you’ll also be helping us reach our overall goal to raise $50,000 for Medical Interpretation by October 30th.

Our patients are the reason we invest heavily in interpreter services, both in-person and via telephone. Many are recent immigrants or refugees from all over the world. We cannot let their health care get lost in translation.

Access to an interpreter says, we see you. We respect you. We honor you.

In honor of our 50th Anniversary, and the values of equity and inclusion that started the Health Center movement, we ask you today to make a tax-deductible donation of $50 — or whatever amount feels right to you — to support Medical Interpretation. With your help, we will continue to honor the transformative power of kindness, understanding, and compassion so that everyone in our community receives exactly the care they deserve – now and always.